Bald Eagle Women’s Club

Uniting to do good for over 90 years.

The Bald Eagle Women’s Club was organized on June 24, 1925 at the home of Mrs. Archibald Thompson. Mrs. Danforth was made the temporary chairman, and upon the acceptance of the bylaws, she was unanimously elected as the organization’s first president. The object of the club was “to unite the women of Bald Eagle and adjacent territory for the purpose of social and civic betterment and to develop a close relationship between the communities.” Committees for programs and membership were appointed, and the organization was off and running with meetings on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. Soon thereafter, a committee on public affairs was added. That first December the club collected toys and books to donate to St. Paul’s Neighborhood House.

In the spring of 1926, the club had a speaker from the Girl Scouts and voted to contribute funds to form a Bald Eagle troop. The club’s support of the troop continued for many years. In 1926, a branch of the county library was opened in the home of Ursula Anderson with the Women’s Club purchasing the bookcase for eight dollars. In 1940, the library was moved to the home of Mrs. Pierce on East Bald Eagle Boulevard.

From the beginning, the Bald Eagle Women’s Club enlisted local musicians and dramatists to perform at their meetings. Through their program agendas, it is evident there was a desire to learn about current affairs as well as a wide range of other topics. Presentations on popular travel destinations and far-off places were perennial favorites. There was also a marked emphasis on celebrating the Bald Eagle community and heritage through “pioneer” and founders day-type celebrations.  The club continues to gather monthly, uniting the women of Bald Eagle and adjacent territory.

Sara Markoe Hanson is the executive director of the White Bear Lake Area Historical Society.