Autumn Fog at Tamarack Nature Center Takes First Place In the Landmarks Category

It was an early, mid-October morning when Ron Hawkins ventured out to Tamarack Nature Center. With the changing seasons, nature transforms Tamarack into a landscape different from the last. “It becomes a brand new place to visit,” Hawkins says. That day, the autumn leaves were more eye-catching than the previous ones.

Hawkins’ Canon PowerShot snapped beautiful shots of the striking fall colors. Rich shades of red and orange contrast the tranquil blue sky, and the fog lingering below. The White Bear Township water tower rises about the scenery, and Hawkins says the landmark “recognizes Tamarack as one of the gems of White Bear Township.”

The photograph certainly showcases the beauty of Tamarack Nature Center, inviting newcomers to witness its wonder during all seasons.