Hunting in Gem Lake

Gem Lake OKs bow-hunting.

With the deer population in Ramsey County estimated at more than 1,200—more than twice the number the land area should naturally support—controlling the deer population has become an important issue for area suburbs.

Late last year the Gem Lake city council took action toward that end, amending the city code to allow bow hunting within certain undeveloped areas during the state bow-hunting season, which this year runs October 27 through December 9.

Gem Lake was following the lead of several other area suburbs—including Little Canada, Vadnais Heights, White Bear Township and the county. “Archery hunting has been a good tool for us” for that purpose, says John Moriarty, the county’s natural resources manager.

To bow hunt within the city limits, archers must obtain a permit from the city and hunt only on private land of 5 acres or more, always with the written permission of the land owner and any neighboring land owners.