The Art Shanty Projects Inspire Works of Art on White Bear Lake

Ice fishing shelters inspire works of art on White Bear Lake.
This fun ice shanty was featured in the 2012 Art Shanty Projects on Medecine Lake; this year's event will take place on White Bear Lake. Photo courtesy of Anthony Kwan.

This month, shanties will be set up all over White Bear Lake—but not for ice fishing.

“The Art Shanty Projects is an art project and community event held in the spirit of the ice-fishing community,” explains Melinda Childs, program director. Each shanty is created with an artistic flair and houses an art exhibit that allows the community to interact. For example, one of the shanties since the event’s inception in  2004, created by Amy Wilkerson, Tracy Cummings, Jody Wilkerson and Marilyn Thompson, was shaped as a ball of yarn and, inside, artists taught admirers how to knit.
This year’s event is co-sponsored by White Bear Center for the Arts (WBCA), and will include 20 shanties and performances on the frozen lake to draw all kinds of art-lovers.

The Art Shanty Projects will be open Saturdays and Sundays in February on White Bear Lake between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., dependent on ice conditions.