Writer Bios


A personal bio in 150 words -- hmm. I’ll try to keep it concise. In five years, I’ve written about sports, business, crime, features, the environment and politics. From the devastating Minneapolis tornado to Twiggy the Waterskiing Squirrel. From corporate quarterly reports to U.S. Senate debates and game stories on national champs. The question is: Am I eclectic or just ignorant to my undiagnosed case of ADD? Let’s run through some other hobbies and let you decide. I officiate high school football, basketball, baseball and softball. I work on a farm, raising chickens, pigs, goats, sheep, cows and varieties of vegetables and fruit. I read newspapers, magazines and an occasional book. I love to travel: Latin America, Europe, Duluth. I drink beer. I watch any sport, anytime. I rest in a hammock. I sometimes do yoga. I recite Shakespeare. (OK. I made that last one up.)   So, what’s your diagnosis?


Jim Muellner found business triumph on wheels and is spinning it along to others.
A White Bear Lake business creates costumes for a community committed to creatures.
Tamarack Nature Center provides the perfect opportunity to ski, snowshoe and enjoy the elements.
A unique program creates friendships between two groups of students.
Pheasants Forever uses education, awareness and habitat improvements to ensure pheasants are here to stay.
Big Wood Brewery has multiple awards and a brand new taproom to its name.