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A laptop donated to the White Bear Lake Rotary Club Technology Drive rests against some books.

The White Bear Lake Rotary Club is collecting computers (PC and Mac), laptops, flat-screen monitors, tablets (Android, Microsoft Surface, Chromebooks) and accessories, such as mice and keyboards, cables, SD cards and laptop batteries.

The former passenger and freight depot that sits at Fourth Street on the west side of White Bear’s only remaining north-south railroad track was constructed in 1935 of repurposed bricks from the roundhouse building that once stood two blocks to the south.

What starts out as a small hobby often leads to something bigger, and this couldn’t be truer for Andrew Dixon and Matt Goldberg of White Bear Lake. Something they loved doing evolved from a fun activity to a time-consuming hobby, and now into a start-up career for both of them.

Mary MacCarthy grew up in a family that loved the arts. She studied psychology in college and worked in a variety of areas, including business and marketing, and with Minnesota Public Radio.

A sign that says “Be Kind” is clearly visible from the road on County Road E in White Bear Lake, which not only advertises the all-natural and environmentally responsible salon and spa, but also “serves as a reminder for people to be kind,” says founder and owner Carol Fackler.

“When everyone is running one way, I go the other,” says Johnny Kass, the 54-year-old proprietor of White Bear Lake’s only record store. “In a world as square as it is today, sticking out like a sore thumb is easy. All you need to do is exist, be yourself, do something original.”

We all know it’s January, but you might want to get your golf clubs out of storage and start warming up your swing. Why? Because the first weekend in February will mark the ninth year of White Bear Lake’s Bear’ly Open, a charity golf event—on the ice.

What started out as Rebecca Zimmerman’s hobby 27 years ago has transformed into a bustling business called White Bear Soap Company. “Soap was something that clicked with me,” Zimmerman says.

Solid Ground, the nonprofit organization that aims to reduce homelessness in the area, is once again hosting its annual Santa Shop.

If Minnesota gave out prizes for city pride, White Bear Lake would surely win. We love our lakes, we love our town and we love our polar bears. What better way to share this passion during the holidays than to give locally themed gifts?

Nothing in 60 years has stopped Jerry Griffith from working with glass. “Once it’s in your blood,” he says, “you can’t get it out.”